Remembering Stephen Webster, Transit Supervisor and Former Bus Driver

Colette and Stephen Webster

We are sad to share the news of Stephen Webster’s death in a vehicle accident in Botswana, where he and his wife Collette were traveling. Collette was injured in the crash but survived. As we wrap up 10 Days for Transit today, our hearts are with Collette, and all of their family and friends, including Stephen’s colleagues at Saskatoon Transit. Stephen was a supervisor at Transit and previously a bus driver. He will be sadly missed.


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Nutana Collegiate Talks Transit

Could you imagine trying to get your stroller and children on a bus during peak hours?  Students and staff from Nutana Collegiate talk to us about their experiences with Saskatoon Transit.

“It takes forever for a bus to arrive”

There are great reasons to ride the bus.

The reasons some don’t ride the bus have also piled up:

  • “I have a car”
  • “It’s so expensive now”
  • “I have a baby”
  • “It takes forever for a bus to arrive”
  • “It takes too long to get anywhere in the city”

This does start with one person.  Jump on the bus, and you might even meet someone with great guitar skills!


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Oskayak High School and Str8 Up Talk Transit

Staff of Oskayak High School and Str8 Up Executive Director Alex Munoz spoke about the need for a good transit system in Saskatoon.

Already, the transit system has been useful for folks who have limited resources. Reliable buses ensure that those who would otherwise need to take a taxi, now have money to spend on groceries and other necessities. It also allows people who are already employed to have a reliable method to keep their jobs.

 Learning how to become comfortable on a bus in Saskatoon can expand your horizons.

Taking the bus is also a teaching tool. Public transit is a necessity in other parts of the world. If one plans on living or travelling to a large city, taking the bus will be the fastest, easiest (and often cheapest) way to get around. Learning how to become comfortable on a bus in Saskatoon can expand your horizons.


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Tania Guertin and Lyn McGaughey Report Back on their Ride

Here two of our Bus Rider Storytellers discuss the culture and attitude toward riding transit in Saskatoon. Tania Guertin, a regular bus rider, talks about the advantages of affordability and leisure time which she gains from riding the bus. Lyn McGaughey, who rarely uses transit, talks about growing up in rural Saskatchewan, and the importance of personal vehicles for getting around the countryside. For her to ride the bus more, she says, there would need to be the same convenience and flexibility she has with her car.

Tania and Lyn both agree that there needs to be a cultural and mental shift for Saskatoon to really become a transit city. That will take time, they say – so let’s start now.

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Mystery Force Field Bars Potential Transit Riders, Report Suggests

This post was written by Brian Hoessler.

“People in Saskatoon just will not take the bus” is commonly heard around town.  However, new research suggests something else is at play. Namely, 95% of Saskatoon residents cannot physically board the bus. Instead, there may be a mysterious force-field which bar potential transit riders from entering a bus.

A recent report was authored by Dr. Helmut Verkehrsbetriebe, the director of the University of Saskatchewan’s Transportation Institute. It found that an unknown type of energy field literally prohibits entry into public transportation vehicles. The year-long study found that the majority of Saskatoon residents would attempt to step onto a bus, but “would feel like they walked into a brick wall and literally bounce away from the bus”, according to Verkehrsbetriebe. “It’s a very unusual phenomenon, with no obvious source causing it.”

“A particularly far-fetched theory involved a critical mass of bunny-hugs.”

There have been several discarded explanations.  The first possibility suspected emissions from the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron. Another blamed space-time fluctuations resulting from Saskatchewan’s abandonment of daylight savings time. A particularly far-fetched theory involved a critical mass of bunny-hugs. (more…)

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10 Days For Transit Bus Games!

Tracey and Emily challenge their cousins to some 10 Days for Transit bus games. If you choose to take the bus, what could you do on the bus that you can’t do when driving? Read? Study? Text, email, or play games on your phone? Card games?



If you are not a transit user, what could you be doing instead of dealing with the stress of driving and focusing on the road? You could use that time to decompress from work a bit while someone else does the driving. And maybe someday you’ll be able to pay for your bus ride with cowboys. And/or hard-boiled eggs. (Watch the video and you will understand…)

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Post-University Ridership Challenges


What game-changers will encourage public transportation? After developing a transit habit with the U-Pass, what post-university ridership challenges are there? What could make riding the bus cool? Heated bus shelters? Clean and comfortable buses? Drivers that tell bad jokes with regulars?  (Check!) Or maybe we just need the the ability to spontaneously use the bus, while ending up at a destination quickly.


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Transit in the Broadway Neighbourhood

Here Troy Smith of Group2 Architecture and Alison Whelan of the Broadway Theatre discuss the importance of transit for the Broadway Business Improvement District.

Smith says multiple modes of convenient transportation is crucial for a growing number of his employees who choose not to drive cars. Whelan adds that if transit in the Broadway neighbourhood were a more viable option for more people, there wouldn’t be such concern over parking at local businesses.

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Michel Desautels and Jim Palmer Report Back on their Ride

Here two of our Bus Rider Storytellers report back to document the odyssey of their journey to Canadian Tire. Michel Desautels gives his friend and neighbour Jim Palmer, a first-time bus rider,  some guidance as together they navigate the foibles of the system.

Jim expresses frustration at the difficulty of figuring out how to get to his destination, and makes suggestions on how signage could be clearer and more user-friendly.

Do they succeed? Do Jim and Michel arrive safely at their destination? Watch the video and find out!

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Show Transit Employees Some Love During 10D4T and Beyond

Bus Silhouette-01

Today’s post was written by Tracey Mitchell. 


As a community organizer and facilitator, I often tell people in facilitation training sessions, “Working with people gets easier, but it never gets easy”. We humans can be moody, fickle, indecisive, whiny, manipulative and sometimes even mean. Similarly, in my years of taking the bus, I’ve seen some pretty bad behaviour at times, and I can assure you that almost none of it was on the part of bus drivers. Nevertheless, when you ask any employee at Saskatoon Transit what they like best about their job, there’s a very good chance they will say, “the people.”

I had the pleasure of chatting with bus drivers and other employees this week. All of them had stories to share about the people they work with and how neat it is to get little glimpses into people’s days. “My favourite part is seeing the little good things that people do,” said bus driver Eric Taylor. “Say, a stroller comes on the bus and you see a young kid with his headphones in and you don’t expect him to notice or help out, but you see him lift up the chair and help out. I had a young guy once carry groceries off for a lady. They think you don’t notice, but I do.”


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